Friday, 17 July 2009

in the grey

I love the subtlety of working with grey. When I look over my work I realise I incorporate a far bit of it into my printmaking. It's such a gentle, shy colour and that's what I like when working with organic forms and botanical shapes. I've never been a shocking pink kind of girl. Speaking of greys check out what Jesse is doing with these prints of hers.

Design Made Trade is on in Melbourne at the moment and I think I might go tomorrow. I'm particularly curious to check out the work of in-sync design who make jewellry inspired by botanical and geometric drawings.


  1. I really love your design seen in the last photo. Grey is a beautiful colour i love using it in my designs a lot too. To wear I choose lighter shades of grey, and charcoal grey for things to have around my desk. I love all the greys though!

  2. thanks hiki! i love wearing grey too :)

  3. I love your description of grey. I totally agree too on the score of shocking pink. :) I've been a little bit obsessed with grey in decorating at the moment. It's a great feature colour, and it's interesting how other colours interact with it. Particularly something bold or outrageous - in small doses. he he he. Look at me - writing a letter! ha ha ha.