Friday, 28 August 2009

books, books, books

I love a good read and Marina Lewycka is a sure bet. I'm halfway through her new book, We are All Made of Glue, and am really enjoying it. It's not outrageously funny like her previous novels A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian or Two Caravans are (even though they raise some serious issues about immigration and exploitation) but still so readable. She's got a knack of writing about everyday issues along side bigger more complex stuff. It works for me. There's a review here if you'd like to know more about the plot.

Have you noticed there's been a bit of rush of interesting fiction coming out lately? I'm almost beside myself with happiness. Though the stack of books beside the bed threatens to topple over and knock me out while I'm sleeping if I add any more to it.


  1. I have two caravans sitting on the shelf at home waiting until I am in the mood for it. Am still ploughing through borrowed library books and a couple of biographies.

  2. hmmm this book sounds interesting and I like the cover design. I haven't read any English books for a loooong time but I guess I should and this would be probably a good one to start ;)

  3. Hiki-san you could start with her earlier book Two Caravans (a bit shorter than this one) and see if you like her writing style.

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