Friday, 7 August 2009

a little bit Irish

I can remember having eaten Irish Soda Bread only once before and strangely enough that was in Japan. It was in an Irish pub though and the chef was Irish too and he put soda bread on the menu. At the time I thought it included some magical, mysterious ingredients but oh how wrong I was. Inspiration for trying came from seeing Jezze's loaf, and then seeing how easy the recipe was, I had a go myself. My goodness! Easy peasy and so tastey too! Especially with lashings of butter and jam. It reminds me a lot of damper (a kind of easy camping bread made with a fire) but soda bread has butter milk (substitute 1/2 yoghurt + 1/2 water) in it so tastes even nicer. Jezze tells me you can make a savoury or sweet version too. Savoury with feta, olives and anchovies. Sweet with dates or sultannas.


  1. oh man, i really want to try that too!

  2. this looks so good! so tempted!!!

  3. I love Irish Soda bread, but have never made it, will try now. Have heard of using a tablespoon of lemon juice in milk to turn it into buttermilk ( or similar substance) but never adding water to yogurt, will try it as I have yet to see buttermilk in Malta! Have only today come across your blog, am very much enjoying it! Thank you!