Tuesday, 22 September 2009

tessuti fabrics

I've died and gone to fabric shop heaven. I swear. This place is gorgeous. No more Spotlight or Lincraft madness for me. This is how finding beautiful fabrics was meant to be.

Tessuti in Flinders Lane, Melbourne, near Russell St. Plus they also have shops in Sydney.

And they have a cute blog too.

I'm in the process of making 2 new skirts in light of my success with sewing and printing hanabi. So I've purchased some luscious dark, dark denim (almost black) and some cherry red 100% linen. I could have bought a lot more fabric in that gorgeous shop but kept myself in check. I am proud to say this as I am known to go overboard with these things. My new challenge is going to be learning how to put a lining in the red linen skirt. That will be interesting.

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  1. Nice shop, but the looks of it. I'll have to pop in there...hopefully tomorrow since I'll be in Melbourne.