Friday, 2 October 2009

let the great world spin

I'm really loving this book. For many reasons really. One being that it's a collection of stories set in and about New York in 1974 and I'm still swooning from my visit there last year. And the 70's were a really interesting decade for that city. Another being that Irish born Colum McCann is a brilliant story teller who deserves to be praised at any chance. One more reason to love this book is because it's a collection of short stories, a form I find really portable and accessible when I'm busy and can't keep my head in a traditional novel.

If you'd like to read a review, here's one from the Guardian.

And if you'd like to watch a 6 min video with the author take a look here. It's very inspiring.


  1. Oh wonderful - thanks so much for the 'heads up', Mizu. I've read 'Dancer' and 'Zoli', both of which I absolutely loved. I'm off to Amazon right this minute. Or, I will be once I've caught up on all your recent posts which I've missed during a brief departure from the Blogworld in order to find a new home!

  2. Tess - I haven't read Colum's other novels yet but can assure you I will get right onto them as soon as I've finished with this one.

  3. oooh, sounds very great. i will be looking it up for sure, thanks! i love how places inspire to read about them. my visit to new york i was living in f scott fitzgerald's 2-s and 30s new york:)