Saturday, 31 October 2009

the challenge

This is my sewing project for the weekend. I'm using a pattern from the Japanese sewing book Sewing Talk by Machiko Kayaki. I think I've found the perfect fabric for it too. This red seer-sucker Japanese patterned fabric (pic 2). It feels a bit like paper to touch and has so much texture to it. The problem is the fabric is so beautiful I'm quite fearful of cutting into it and making a start. I've never used a Japanese pattern book before so this will be interesting. Hopefully I'll be reporting back with pics of the finished frock in a few days. Fingers crossed.


  1. Oh, I love that, the pattern and the fabric. I will be really interested to see how it turns out. Seems to me you have a headstart on the dressmaking and the Japanese parts!

  2. this seems like me feeling fearful when i use expensive arches paper for my work. the red fabric looks lovely and i'd love to see what the end result looks like.

  3. Eeeek! I still haven't cut into that fabric yet.

  4. Kylie, i have a queue of japanese pattern books that i'm trying to decide to buy .. how many patterns does this one have, are they all dresses? I really want to make some wide pants as well. But i love this dress pattern, exactly what i've been looking for to make.

    BTW, bought a copy of Let the Great World Spin after reading your review .. just loving it. So thanks!

  5. FTD,

    Have a look at this review of some Japanese sewing books:

    and this website selling them is quite good too:

    As for the one I've bought, no, it's not all dresses. A bit of combination of projects. I think I want to get this one next:

    K. xxx

  6. Thanks so much for the links K.

    I am enthralled by these japanese patterns .. just love them to pieces.Too many to choose from (the review blog was very useful though).

    I think your red fabric will look stunning in that style dress you've chosen.

  7. good luck with your sewing project! i have to admit i haven't tried sewing from a japanese craft book yet. but there's an excellent guide about it here:

    and i'm gathering more japanese craft resources at!

  8. liz, that's a brilliant guide .. many thanks for the link.

    i'm guessing that everyone's done the etsy search for japanese pattern books, but in case anyone hasn't, i've found one of the most comprehensive and exhaustive sites to be pompdour24:

    oodles and oodles of pattern books, and usually quite a few photos of inside pages.

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