Sunday, 1 November 2009

little red dress

Four hours later and the dress from Sewing Talk is finished. Sorry about the funny reflection shot but I don't have a full length mirror and was the only one home when I took these photos. So that's me standing outside our bi-fold doors catching the reflection so that you can see the overall shape of the dress [and my cat's tail at the bottom]. I like the '60's feel of the silhouette.

Some detail around the neck and arms in this pic. The pattern was pretty straight forward but the trickiest bit was making the bias strips that line the neck and arm holes. I'd never done that before. The directions were pretty easy to follow in the pattern pictures even for a beginner like me. The red in these pics looks far brighter than it is unfortunately.

I'm not a big person so this pic shows you how loose the style is. If I was to make it again I wouldn't choose the largest size (I chose Japanese size 13 based on their body measurements with a waist of 70 cm) because it feels a bit too baggy on me.

I also read here that you should allow extra for seams on patterns from Japanese books but I forgot to and it worked out ok with this style. I did however add 5cm extra to the length because I'm 166cm tall and I know most Japanese women are around 160cm. Oh and something I didn't realise until I started is that you need to trace the pattern onto some other paper and then cut that out and attach it to your fabric. Because they try to economise on space they overlap patterns from different parts of the book so you can't cut them out directly as they are.

Thanks felt cafe for this link which has translations for some of the Japanese terms used in the patterns. I was able to read most of them but you really don't need to know how to read Japanese to sew with these books.


  1. You did it! I think it looks really pretty.
    You are so clever :-)

  2. Thanks Priya. It feels a bit self-indulgent to post this after having just watched the news and seeing the fire in Jaipur and yet another typhoon in the Philippines :(

  3. How cute is it on you? Very nice indeed. As for the national disasters, it does feel a little like the world's gone a little crazy.
    Small things to keep us sane and in touch with our own space though. Sewing is good.

  4. you've done it already! impressed by that alone.
    looks gorgeous and i'm imagining a deeper red which works even better. i think i will have to buy this book.

  5. Love the sixties look in the first pic!

  6. LOVE this. The perfect summer dress!