Tuesday, 3 November 2009

project b

This time I've made a summer top based on the same pattern as the dress. It's project b in the book. Once you've made the dress (project c) the top's quite easy. It has elastic gathering in the neck and sleeves but also loosely at the waist. I decided to line the top with some very thin cotton lining and it feels great against my skin. The top pic, while it does make me look pregnant (I'm not), gives you a better idea of the fabric than any other photo I've taken. And the top pic is closer to the real colour than the 2nd one. In reality it's a lovely tea green. It's to-die-for I swear although it's hard to see that in these photos I know.


  1. top works really well too.
    I'd even wear the dress as a top over baggy pants.

    did you get these fabrics in japan? love the green and the tiny pattern.
    as soon as I finish my last market I'm going on a japanese clothes making spree.

  2. Hi Carmel,
    I bought the fabric from Tessuti, the best fabric shop ever. They're in Melbourne & Sydney:
    Thanks for your lovely comments.

  3. i like the colours and the simple design of both the dress and the top. i always admire people who can make their own clothes because i barely know how to hold a needle.

  4. I like it a lot. Loving your colour choices for both items.

  5. oh i love these "chirimen" fabrics. they look lovely for summer tops! also love this tea green ;)

  6. Kylie, I thought I'd left another comment here re Tessuti but apparently I didn't send it properly. I've addressed my Tessuti dilemma back on my own blog.

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