Sunday, 28 February 2010

blossoms in repeat

blossom, repeat pattern, blue, mizu designsSucculent blossom repeat in gorgeous blue

blossom, repeat pattern, rust red, mizu designsSucculent blossom repeat in rust red

blossom, repeat pattern, teal grey, mizu designsSucculent blossom repeat in teal-grey

You might already know that I'm a bit obssessed with the weird and wacky shapes of succulent blossoms. Recently I designed a repeat pattern based on one of my favourite blossoms. I've been playing with colours and when I repair my large, but very broken screen I hope to screen print these onto fabric. Which of these three colours do you prefer?


  1. Oh dear, they're all lovely... but I'm leaning towards the teal-grey, and the blue.

  2. I actually like the three colours as a set. Individually they seem to be missing one another.

  3. They are all so lovely - gorgeous blue is my pick though if I can have only one !

  4. lovely pattern. I like the teal-grey.