Saturday, 6 March 2010

the art of figgery

fresh figs, melbourneSome good honest figgery went on in our neighbourhood last night. What's that you say? Haven't heard of figgery before? That's because I made up the word just now.

(n) - the art of pilfering ripe figs from neighbourhood trees, preferably those that hang over onto public land.

We managed a colander full but there were thousands on the tree we were figgering. No need to be greedy is there? And you have to leave some for the birds and bats.

I'm making a fig cake with these this morning. Kind of like apple cake but with fresh figs instead. It will be our second fig cake this week. It's wonderful served with cream.

With last week's figgery bounty I cut them into halves and stuff them with blue cheese, drizzled with olive oil and put them under the grill. Once cooled I tossed them with rocket, more olive oil and a little lemon juice. Wonderful, end of summer goodness.


  1. Oooh - stop that now! My eyes are drooling ! Figs are on my "last meal" list combined with some goats cheese and parma ham .
    Enjoy your bounty!!!

  2. I like that, my eyes are drooling hee hee :-)
    My sil brought some figs and white peaches when she came to stay last week. OMG! What bliss they were!

  3. Oohh yum, where do you live? I want some from that tree too ;)

  4. Aren't they great? Hollabee - come pick figs in Northcote. There are also plenty of trees around Brunswick East too.

  5. That photograph looks almost like one of the patterns created by you. I love the colour of the insides of figs. My neighbour has a fig tree but it doesn't hang over my garden, therefore I can't resort to figgery.
    One thing I'm going to try make when figs are in season though, is a Fig and Toffee tart I had at a restaurant some time ago. It was very good.

  6. i believe it was M who figgered, but yes you cooked the cake.

  7. Anon you know too much. I confess it was M who did the figgering (but I helped with last week's collection!) and I made the cake :)