Saturday, 10 April 2010


white paper dress, collagewhite paper dresses

white paper dress and shoes, collage
rough edges

sumi ink illustrationswhite paper dress collage, compositionproduce
white paper dress collage, compositionabundance
mixed media collage
washi paper and sumi ink on Japanese ho-sho paper

I'm surrounded by many pregnant women and women with small babies. They are everywhere it seems these days. I was interested to see that my choice not to be is shared by Elizabeth Gilbert in her new book Committed. A thoroughly excellent read by the way. I wasn't expecting it to be with a title like that, but just goes to show that titles and covers can sometimes be misleading. She is one switched on, smart cookie.


  1. beautiful! i really like the white paper dress.

  2. A fine looking collage. Now, get away wif ya. Gilbert's next book will surely be "knocked up" if the pattern is to be continued.

  3. Katie you make me laugh :) Sorry to disappoint but EG is really not having any babies. Truly. You have to read the book.

  4. Just lovely. I really love clean beautiful compositions and funnily I'm totally unable to achieve something like this as I can't help myself and always tend to go over the top with things. You've got me intrigued with the book.

  5. oh so lovely! i've been playing with washi paper last week, it's the best.
    would you mind if i write about this work on my blog and include a few of your images?

  6. Thanks everyone for these lovely comments.
    Liz - go for it :)