Friday, 16 April 2010

paper & ink

composition in progress, paper dress, white
The white paper dress fixation continues.....
I'm trying out some different compositions with my sumi ink drawings and woodblock prints. Do you ever struggle with composition when you're designing something?
work space, sumi ink illustrations
The sumi ink drawings started in this somewhat messy spot. Oooh just realised the mess is hiding in this pic. Consider yourself lucky.


  1. I ALWAYS struggle with composition, but that's actually the fun part - working through it. Well, most of the time, sometimes I just give up. ha ha ha. I am fascinatd to no end about your beautiful dress and your little cut outs. I can't wait to see what you do with them all, and I hope your struggle is a fun time one. he he he. xo

  2. lovely to see all your pieces and materials laid out. i do struggle sometimes, definitely!
    it seems the best compositions come from not thinking about it ~ hard when you have to get something done or when the flow isn't happening yet!

  3. The composition thing is an interesting one, isn't it? I'm really enjoying working with these pieces at the moment.

  4. Beautiful works.
    I want to smell sumi ink!

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  6. So subtle, soft and well balanced. Love the different textures too. :)