Friday, 2 July 2010

in blue

blue, repeat pattern, dashblue, repeat pattern, dashblue, repeat pattern, dashIt never ceases to amaze me what a beautiful piece of software Photoshop is. I don't even know a fraction of what it can really do for me but the fact that I can take some rough hand drawn patterns like these dashes of mine and then make a variety of repeats in different colourways like this just fills me with joy. Is that nerdy or what?

There is a birthday in our house today. If I'm organised enough there will be a Jamie chocolate tart for dessert tonight. Got to get my skates on!


  1. Fabulous pattern! I'm been wanting to train myself in Photoshop for ages - it is amazing. Your work is just beautiful :) Happy birthday wishes for your household to ! Kx

  2. I love photoshop too. And your pattern is beautiful. Like Sashiko quilting :-)

  3. Thanks to both of you re lovely comments about the design.

    Fingers crossed that choc tart of mine is going to set.

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  5. its a very nice and lovely pattern, it can also be used on shorts as well as shirts and t-shirts, photoshop is a miracle as far as i can think, and it can create wonders

  6. love your explorations you might want to try GIMP too as it's free.

    Lazarus Lupin
    art and review