Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Swirls of dashes in repeat on paper. I'm testing the repeat before I commit it to fabric.

This recent cold weather has found me cooking and eating apple, rhubarb and pear pudding with fresh cream. I'm not sure there is anything better on a cold night. Except perhaps the pea and ham soup that was eaten before it.

And speaking of foodie things I recently had the joy of eating the best eggs benedict ever at the newly opened Aquarium Cafe, 382 High St, Northcote.

Have you seen 'I am Love' (lo sono l'amore) yet? If not, do! You won't be disappointed. It's epic, it's gorgeous, it's Italian and it has Tilda. What more can you want in a film?


  1. I saw "I am love" last night, and though it was fantastic too. Although the music was a bit overwhelming in places. But, other than that, gorgeous.

  2. I agree about some of the music being a wee bit OTT Suzy. Gorgeous north Italian scenery makes up for it though.

  3. this film is on my list ..

    and thanks for the new (to me) eating establishment to check out when I'm in melbournia. After the sunday market will just be hanging about for a few days and shopping and eating are main activities that I will be engaging in.

    liking your dash design too kylie.

  4. The design is simple and beautiful. I love cooked fruit in all forms and had a slice of Pear coffee cake just now :)

  5. Hi kylie!
    Found your blog through the harvest textiles blog!Its so strange,I realise now that you left a comment on myblog - textilshack aaages ago!
    Even more strange was when I recognised you name fron uni - I'm doing and my second year of textile design at rmit and you did a survey with us at the start of the semester!
    Its a small world!
    I love your prints by the way:)