Saturday, 19 June 2010


sketch, trees, melbournetrees with whiskers, edinburgh gardens, fitzroy north, melbourne

Last Sunday I had a drawing date with
a friend in the lovely Edinburgh Gardens. We had so much fun sitting there drawing in that gorgeous winter afternoon light. We worked until our hands grew frozen and then wandered up the road to a cafe for hot chocolate and other sweet treats. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. We've decided it might be a semi-regular thing and we'll invite anyone we know who would like to come along and draw.

I've been totally drawn into Design for Life. Is anybody else watching this amazing series? French product designer Philippe Starck takes a group of young UK design folk and puts them through a series of exercises in the hope of finding someone who will get to work with him in Paris for 6 months. Thankfully it's not as painful or cheesy as most reality shows of this kind. From a teaching point of view it's absolutely fascinating and everyone at work is talking about it. You can see episode one here. If you're quick eps two and three are here on iview. And there's a good description of the series here.


  1. how great to have someone to go draw with! it must be very inspiring -
    I'm going to go check out that show....

  2. I've been watching it - he is a really difficult guy - I don't envy the design students - there's nil mentoring going on and very vague design briefs- Loving it though - Fascinating stuff :)

  3. this sounds like a really fun way to spend the day {minus the freezing bit!}.
    haven't heard of this show, will have a squiz!

  4. What a great idea to make a sketching date with a friend! I've been meaning to check that show out, I'll be clicking on those links later tonight!

  5. S&M - this is where DFL gets interesting. Starck would probably argue that they're not students, they're contestants and that he's not a teacher. All competitors have degrees in design (some Masters) so in theory they've all had their 'teaching'. I think he makes the design briefs deliberately vague because he wants to see what they're capable of. And the bottom line is he is looking for an employee for his practice. All very interesting stuff!

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