Sunday, 8 August 2010

in black

sewing, michiko kayaki, sewing talksewing talk, michiko kayaki, topsecond hand broochA black calico version of pattern b from Sewing Talk by Michiko Kayaki. This time I left the bottom edge of the top loose rather than using elastic. I think it might be good in warm weather that way. I've been meaning to make this for weeks. The third pic is a gorgeous little wooden hand painted brooch I bought at a junk stall in the Dandedong Ranges about a year ago. I like it against the rich blackness of the calico. Warning for those sewing with black calico for the first time: pre-wash with salt and vinegar before sewing because you might find, like I did, that a fair bit of colour will run out the first time you wash otherwise. Eventually it will stop and all will be good. Promise.


  1. Looking good. Love when a forgotten piece can be reworked into a new wardrobe.

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  3. Very nice top! The brooch is lovely, too.