Friday, 13 August 2010

hand work

screen printed fabric, cushion cover, mizu designsscreen printed fabric, cushion cover, mizu designsFinally, a product from my 3 colour screen printing effort with Harvest Textiles. Now if I could only find the perfect cushion insert and get rid of the crappy one I currently have inside it. Any suggestions?

I can't stop thinking about sashiko embroidery lately. I've never tried it but am keen to. I'm thinking something simple to start with like this pattern of mine in red on black calico. But maybe even that's too ambitious??? Only one way to find out.


  1. Ikea have great cushion inserts. I use them for all my cushions. They are so cosy and comfy. I find though, that I have to make my cover slightly smaller than the insert dimensions (not much) to make it nice and plump. I use 2 sizes, the largest being about 65cm sq ($20), can't remember the size of the small one....Terese from

  2. yes I second Ikea for the best feather inserts. and they do need to be slightly larger than the actual cover. love this pattern kylie, really beautiful

  3. thanks to both of you for your insert advice.

  4. Yes, ikea. But they only have a couple of sizes, both quite big. I love their feather ones.
    I've just got some poly ones from Spotlight in smaller sizes cos I'm making cushions too! They were cheap and good. Oh and I saw some on Ebay too. I make the cushion insert same as cover size.
    Sashiko is easy peasy. Get the right thread though. I bought mine on Etsy. Good stencilled patterns too.

  5. Awwww. Clever. No idea on inserts. Mine always become manky. I've got a few sofa cushions I'm going to leave the covers on and use as the inserts for a new set of cushions. A summer project ... if I ever get the time.

  6. so pretty!
    I looked at your sashiko link- I can see why it intrigues you- so simple and beautiful!
    I get my pillows (in bulk) at
    They sell only polyester fill pillows, which is what I use. I can't bring myself to use feather pillows- I always wonder what happened to all those geese- I know it's silly>>>