Friday, 5 November 2010

kyoto design house

A little glimpse inside the beautiful world of Kyoto Design House. There are things there so lovely that they will make you weep with joy. Promise! Located in a new building designed by Tadao Ando, this wonderful contemporary design space on Tomonokoji (just south of Oike) is a must visit if you're in Kyoto. And opposite is Benrido, the prettiest postcard shop you've ever seen. That's another promise.

Those first 2 pics are of boxes for sweets. So colourful! The ceramics could have burnt a hole in my pocket there were so many things I wanted to take home with me. Luckily, restraint ruled the moment and I left with just one beautifully crafted off-white porcelain cup.


  1. love, love. I want those bowls, what a perfect shape!

  2. like Susie, said - love love love! All so beautiful - and ohhhh what what we do without burning holes in pockets! ha ha.

  3. :) :0 :)

    I so know what you both mean.

  4. oooh yummm is about all i can say!!
    Loving the Kyoto posts, Kylie :)

  5. Hi Kylie

    Judging be these great posts it looks like you had a wonderful time in Kyoto. I'll be sure to visit these places while I'm here!!