Wednesday, 16 May 2007

shades of still life

It can sometimes be tricky to get the right colour and ink intensity in a print. I've played around with this print quite a bit over the last few days. A few posts ago I said I wanted it to have soft, gentle colours but now I'm not sure. The pale ones were ok but now I think I prefer the more intense blue colour in the later print run. I still like the composition and use of shadow in the print, but I think I might keep playing with the background colour a bit more before I let it just rest for a while. It's amazing how your attitude towards a print can change if you just walk away from it for a few weeks.


  1. :) It is quite amazing isn't it, how you might just adore something you've made, and then a day, week, two weeks later, wonder if you were on drugs, or not enough drugs for that matter. LOL.

    I think artist have to work within the reality that we all end up going through love hate relationships with our work - or if not love and hate, "like it" and "hmmmm, must change that bit"

    It's never ending for me, so I can totally relate. :)