Saturday, 12 May 2007

still life

Work in progress.........
These are the blocks (and quick sketch) for a small print I carved today. I'm intrigued by the smooth shapes often found in pottery. This still life is going to have some very soft, almost old fashioned colours in it. As I carved it I felt like it had a very gentle energy. I might even print it tomorrow if I have time.


  1. I love seeing work in progress. It always feels like I'm looking over the artist's shoulder. And you can learn so much that way.

  2. Me too Janey. The blocks and process make the print so much richer.

    BTW, this is just to let you know that you've been 'tagged'. It's a game going around the art blogs (if you want to play). Just list seven things about yourself, seven bloggers whose sites you visit, and let'em know about it. I normally wouldn't play but it's been fun finding new art blogs.

    Click back thru to see the rules and learn odd facts about other artist folk.

  3. Hey thanks you 2. Being tagged is kind of fun.