Wednesday, 26 March 2008

a little bit of autumn

It's just like Melbourne weather for us to go from a 6 day heat wave of 40 degree temps straight into autumn chill. Today has that feel about it. The autumn colours above are from a grape vine hanging over our back fence. It's going to be just gorgeous in about 2-3 weeks time.

In Japan autumn is quite stunning, the maples being the main feature. In Melbourne we have some gingkos, plane trees, and elm trees and of course lots and lots of eucalyptus trees, but being evergreens, no autumn colour to speak of from their shimmery limbs. Bring on autumn I say. Summer has been hot and I'm ready for a change. Cups of sweet, milky chai and cool morning sleep-ins on the weekend sounds loooooovely to me.


  1. oh, I do love finding new interesting blogs. Came to you via Dudley Redhead, and will definitely drop by regularly. Dora.

  2. thanks for popping in, I love your fish print too. I'm also reminded how much I want to go back to Japan, aaah.sigh.