Wednesday, 12 March 2008

my love and hate of fuji

Some creepy computer generated spam things have been hitting my blog of late so I've just had to move to a moderated comments setting. This isn't a big deal as plenty of people do this on their blogs now (very sensible idea I've now discovered) but it might mean small delays in comments appearing as I have to check them first. Don't you just hate spam and computer generated viruses? Urgh!

On a note of beauty, my lovely friend M from Kyoto sent me this stunning card last week. It's titled: Fuji, which is the Japanese word for wisteria. I'm fairly sure it's a woodblock print but can't quite read the Japanese characters on the back enough to be sure. I have an ongoing love/hate relationship with fuji. At our last house the fuji vine was so enormous and strong that it nearly ripped the back part of the house down as it had become intertwined with the roof. Our current next door neighbours also have a huge fuji vine and it is forever trying to reach over and grasp our roof and downpipes. It's a constant struggle in summer to trim it back. But I do love fuji in spring. Those purple blossoms are just divine.


  1. I've never heard of fuji vine - maybe it's a Victorian plant? But in any case it's a beautiful card!

  2. sorry yellow, fuji is the japanese word for 'wisteria'. i used it a bit too freely in that post :)