Thursday, 30 October 2008

more thyme please

More garden talk.... my excuse is that everything is growing madly from the warm weather despite the lack of rain. We're back to using the bucket in the shower to water the garden. If you're unfamiliar with this little routine (most Australians know it well), one stands in the shower with a bucket between one's legs to catch the run off water. Then it is hauled from the bathroom to whichever part of the garden is looking the most dry. This is all fine if your lower back to doesn't get niggly from time to time like mine does. We just need some rain. Please.

Most of us need more time/thyme. Our herb patch is doing well. Note the thyme and oregano in the pic above. These herbs don't mind the dry weather so much. Tomato seedlings have just gone in too in keeping with the Melbourne vegie garden tradition of planting them around Cup Day now that the soil is nice and warm.

You'd be forgiven for thinking this is a garden blog. It's not. I just think gardening is good for the soul and compliments doodling around in a sketch book.


  1. And about 1000kms north of you I am flush for rain. The thyme and oregano are singing. The lettuce is lush. The coriander is going to seed - already - and everything else is growing before my eyes. This weekend I need to get in and pinch out the coriander before we lose it to seed. I need to make buckets of coriander pesto.

  2. Lucky you having all that rain!!!! I wish......And coriander pesto.... how amazing!