Sunday, 12 October 2008

textile printing that inspires

Have you seen the new range of Marimekko textile designs for 08-09? If not see more of these luscious prints here. How gorgeous! I think I even prefer them to the range that Marimekko are more famous for with the big floral designs. And if you want to see some amazing photos of what a reasonably large scale textile design set up looks like have a look here. Call me a nerd but I think this kind of thing is fascinating. (Actually I'm quite comfortable with the nerd label in most contexts). Equally as interesting are the mechanics of a smaller scale textile printing set up like the newly formed Melbourne based Ink and Spindle. Those girls are hugely inspiring!


  1. Oh thank you so much for the mention! And in the same post as Marimekko, hehehe! Gosh darn they have an amazing setup.

  2. Thanks for the mention too - hope you like our blog!

  3. Delicious patterns and colours, and some wonderful links too. Thanks for sharing them!