Thursday, 2 October 2008

making doo

A few other bloggers have just jolted my memory cells that the new Lamington Drive Gallery in George St, Fitzroy (can you believe I used to live on this very street and now it's gone all funky and popular?) has some amazing work by Niels oeltJen aka Nails being exhibited at the moment (until 11th October). Niels is the creator of this beautiful piece above which is in the exhibition called Making Doo. Lamington Drive is the new gallery space of the Jacky Winter Group. Must go see!


  1. that is a great piece.sounds like a neat show to go see-- are those shoes at the bottom of the painting?

    I realized I hadn't commented in ages and look at all I've missed!
    Your work just keeps gettin more and more lovely- your mice are adorable.

  2. ooops I really meant to say cats- strange slip...

  3. That's a gorgeous piece! Lovely find, thank you for sharing!

    Oh, and thanks for the comment on my blog. Yep, cheese is one thing I'm looking forward to eating again - and no, I'm not allergic to it :)