Friday, 7 November 2008


This lovely eucalyptus tree bark was spotted in Sydney over the weekend. I just love the way their skin sheds this lovely dusky pink and then underneath the new bark is so light and different.

And such wonderful news for the world that Barack Obama won the American presidential election! This is the best news since Rudd was elected as PM in Australia last November. Yay for world leaders who put humanity, the environment, civil liberties and social justice high on their political agendas.

Thanks for the print name suggestions including the ones sent to me via flickr. So the giclee print in my previous post will go to Jesse for the title 'but I want that one....'. Fitting I think for the greedy cat with too many birdie options. Send me you postal details Jesse.


  1. There's a national park north of me, on the Central Coast, that has all its trees turn red and shed bark about this time of year. It's a photographers paradise. Red underfoot with these red-barked trees. It's surreal.

  2. ooooh i'd love to know the name of that national park!

  3. Yay! I'm glad you liked the title.

    Beautiful photo.

  4. Beautiful picture of the bark. I love this time of year with what nature shows us. Thanks