Friday, 14 November 2008


Hey it's raining here! That' a big deal for us. Last night on TV they said Melbourne folk are going to be rationed to 150 litres of water per day because of our current drought. Which is fine by me if big water guzzling companies also have the same restrictions placed on them. I am so excited by today's rain that I ate breakfast sitting outside under cover watching it come down on the garden. It smells so good too.

Do you think the design above might work well on a tea towel?

Must sees this weekend include illustrator Kat McLeod's exhibition on at Lamington Drive Gallery in Fitzroy. She's called it '
The Tiniest Spark'. I'm sure this show will be huge as her work has been all over the media recently. Yay for her!


  1. Yes, definitively! That towel would look good in my kitchen...

  2. Hi there Simone! Thanks for that feedback. I might end up screen printing the design onto some fabric.

  3. It would look great as a teatowel!