Saturday, 27 December 2008


I've been away breathing alpine mountain air and walking in a ski area without skiers because it's summer. I love nothing more than absorbing the bush smells, the trees and green space, the astonishing mountain views, no people, no shops, no cars, no noise apart from the birds and the wind. The only thing that startled me during the whole 5 days away was a wallaby who jumped out of the bush behind me while we were on a 20km walk. He/she was all wet underneath on the belly, probably having just come up from the creek next to us. She/he then bounded off down the track ahead with important wallaby business to conduct.

I'm back in the city now feeling very revived. What will 2009 bring I wonder?


  1. I know someone who's gunna love that lichen photo. Good to hear you are feeling recharged. You grew up on the Great Barrier Reef. How can you endure the city? How gorgeous. Why there? Remind me.

  2. I have a love-hate relationship with living in the city. I keep telling myself I'm ready to leave but I'm not really. The bookshops, cafes, theatres, movies, quirky neighbourhoods, the stimulation of it all basically just sucks me in. One day I'll be ready though.

  3. Just saw your comment on my blog. We're going to have to synchronise photo shoots.

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