Thursday, 18 December 2008

ginger madness

So now I have to eat my words with this post which show the results of a baking frenzy that came out of nowhere and hit me on Monday night. It was like I was channeling Martha Stewart. But this recipe is from Stephanie Alexander so it would more accurate to say that I was channeling her when the madness descended. I made ginger star biscuits for my work colleagues and bagged them up with little name tags from my illustrations. I just wanted to offer something small even though I am mostly bah humbug at this time of year. Damn these biscuits are good! The royal icing Steph recommends to go on top didn't work out so well (too soft as I didn't whip the egg white and icing sugar long enough) but tasted pretty good anyway. They went down well this morning with a cup of milky chai.

If you want to see some knitted heaven check out this.


  1. :) that cup came back with me from kyoto. if it ever breaks i think i will too.

  2. i came here to leave a comment on the exquisite cup. i see i am not the first one.
    its a work of art by itself that cup.

  3. Oh yum, those biscuits look great. Love the cup too.

  4. Those bikkies look really yummy! I saw that cup and though - that's a Japanese piece! I understand your reply to katie - I had the most gorgeous sado bowl that I was given by a student who was tea ceremony teacher. When it broke in a move I was heartbroken.