Thursday, 4 December 2008


As weird as this may sound, I'm convinced that I enjoy the cutting of paper stencils as much as printing itself with screen printing. It's labour intensive for sure, but somehow so meditative. This one took me a while to cut but it wasn't overly painful.

And thanks to J & J I have Lena's new book Printing by Hand to keep me inspired. I scored it for my birthday last week :)


  1. I love stencil screen printing too. Nice score, Lena's book is great!

  2. Hi there Tina! I've been reading about screen printing on your blog too lately. Great info and very inspiring!

  3. Happy birthday for last week. The book sounds so good. I've read other people's posts on it. Your new print also looks great.

    Thank you for the comments on my blog. I have been blown away by 1. how much people are willing to read about someone else they know so little of, and 2. how compassionate and kind and wise and caring those strangers are. I'm a wee bit choked up right now.

  4. This looks lovely. I'm dying to start cutting stencils too! It's really soothing. Do you seal your paper stencils with anything to make them last longer?

    Lucky you, owning that book. Happy birthday for last week!

  5. Jesse - no I don't seal my stencils with anything. I just cut them from cartridge paper and hope like crazy that they hold together while I print.