Sunday, 18 November 2007

"from little things big things grow" (the waifs and kev carmody)

I'm doing a lot of growing at the moment or at least it feels like a lot of change is going on so I sure hope some kind of growth comes out of it all. We're in the middle of packing as we move in 2 weeks, so it's crazy in our house. Today I found letters I wrote more than 12 years ago! What a purge I've been having. As well as moving to a new house (with a studio * big sigh and smile*), I'm making some changes to my day job so I can work there part-time next year and spend the rest of my week printmaking (belly does flip flops with excitement) AND my birthday is at the end of this coming week and I turn one of those big numbers with a zero at the end of it (a little scared about that but mostly amazed: where have the years flown?). My good friend N, an astrologist, would say it's all about my pluto-square-pluto. I don't know what that really means but I do know this time in my life is all about making changes and decisions that will set me up for the next part. I'm mostly very excited about all of that.

The little tree growing above is a simple ink drawing with splashes of chiyogami paper. I'm still playing with it. This is its first iteration.


  1. Have a happy birthday, love and bext wishes

  2. Hope you have a wonderful birthday :-)
    All your changes sound very exciting - it'll be great to have a studio and to be able to focus more time on your printing!
    ...and hope the house moving goes well and isn't too stressful!

    also thanks for sharing the links to those calendars on etsy... i can't believe how many beautiful calendars are available at the moment!

  3. happy birthday - hope you have a wonderful day. sounds like the year ahead will be filled with lots of excitement ~ enjoy :)

  4. Thanks so much everyone. It's going to be a wild, wild ride!

  5. happy birthday to you. sounds like you have a lot of very exciting things to look forward to at the moment, not the least of which must be a studio! best wishes for a fabulous year ahead!

  6. Hello :)

    I've just stumbled across your blog, and I'm very pleased that I did. I can't remember how I got here (as is often the way)...but I was captivated when I saw the link on another person's blog for *mizu designs*.

    I love your prints. They're very beautiful and refined. My particular favourites would have to be the Nanzenji monk print and the gorgeous tea pot print card.

    I read somewhere in your blog (or on the etsy page?) that you studied woodblock printing in Kyoto. Which university did you study at?

    Good luck with your imminent move and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! x.

  7. thanks yellow and amy! amy - i studied printmaking mostly with a japanese printmaker, kazuko hirota. but i also studied a little with richard steiner, an american printmaker who has been based in kyoto for a very long time. thanks for dropping by.

  8. Enjoy your niew studio! There's nothing like having a dedicated design space. And Happy Birthday!

  9. Hi again!

    Thanks for the comments on my blogs, I'd be delighted if you put links up on yours! Thanks ;)

    The printed tabi are great aren't they! I've never worn my cotton ones and think I'll frame them when I move back to Australia.