Tuesday, 27 November 2007

insect madness

I just have to share one of my birthday gifts with you. This little etching by the talented Mike Southern of Printman (his etsy shop) is titled 'enter the dragonfly.....my favourite bee movie' and is just soooooooo sweet! There is so much fine detail in this little print. I'm also the proud owner of another of Mike's prints: Dragonfly. Which is just perfect really because it feeds my dragonfly and insect obsession and will look wonderful when framed and hanging in the new house. Speaking of dragonflies, we saw so many of those delightful little creatures over the weekend at the Grampians National Park. I've never seen so many of them before. And for the wildlife record we also saw one echidna (shy little things that they are), 2 emus, many many wallabies, and heard billions of cicadas. I'm not kidding: one woman we saw bushwalking had earplugs in because the cicadas were so deafening!


  1. *Oooo~!!* What a gorgeous birthday gift!! Such a beautiful print! Lucky you :)

    Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog...and for the congratulatory message. I'm very excited about graduating! x.

  2. Thanks for including me in your blog. Every little bit is appreciated! Mike

  3. hey printman! your work is lovely so it's a pleasure :)