Saturday, 10 November 2007

tea, tea and more tea

I've been making lots of small mixed media pieces lately. This one is chiyogami paper with ink and a little digital colouring. I'm a late bloomer to the wonders of photoshop and so haven't been able to stop fiddling with some of my drawings and prints since I got cs3 earlier this week. I'm driving my graphic designer friend J a bit crazy with all my basic questions (sorry J!). I'm playing around with colours on my designs this way so I can get a better sense of how a woodblock print might look before I start the labour-intensive process of carving the block.


  1. i love this image, it has a great sense of balance and works really well :-)
    i think there's something really nice about handmade imagery combined with some digital elements...
    and photoshop is great! i bet you'll have heaps of fun using it!

  2. this image is seriously beautiful.
    the colours, the shapes, the pattern.
    really lovely.
    i'm not sure if you intend to do computer prints of this - i think you should - or just using photoshop to work out your woodblock designs.
    and yes, another photoshop junkie here.

  3. you 2 are way too nice! thanks soooo much for your comments. i'll keep plodding along trying to work out photoshop as i design more images.

  4. hi there - thanks for your comment on my Red piece -as you saw, I love using chiyogami for inspiration too! I have lots of respect for woodblock printers like you because I just don't have the patience to carve like that. Photoshop IS very useful for designing, but I find it soooo hard to print stuff (i do some silkscreen printing) that looks the same as my original design.

  5. hello mizu designs, quick reply:

    Ha! I so wish I can do print making and etc. Nope, the fabric is from IKEA! (Only $12 too for 150 width). I agree with you, it's a great one.

    (oohh.. you make lovely stuff... i am coming back later.... but quick reply now...)

  6. I love this piece, it has a great balance and energy to it. It makes me want to sit down with a cup of tea and relax.

    I've just discovered your blog today and have been really enjoying it.