Thursday, 24 July 2008

blue skies

Sunshine at last! Bliss! I've finally been able to photograph some of my prints in natural light today. And sat sunning myself under that deep blue sky while eating my lunch and looking at this lovely pink flower that grows from an even pinker succulent I have in the courtyard.

I'm still a bit fixated with this design and getting it just right before I start carving into a woodblock. I will keep experimenting with the green for a bit.

And having fond thoughts of the Gertrude St gallery crawl I did with feed the dog just last week. Best described by design files like this.

1 comment:

  1. hey mizu
    that was such a great day wandering the streets of fitzroy, dropping into galleries and shops and cafes. and love the design file blog .. was someone following our every move?

    this woodblock design is just gorgeous .. and on my computer the green is a deep, dirty grey .. which i love.

    thanks again for the gallery tour of my fave melbourne burb. it was fun.