Sunday, 20 July 2008

macha green

Work in progress.... I'm designing a new image for a woodblock print and so here are some snippets of how it's progressing. I'm fixated on macha green at the moment. Macha is the finely ground up green tea from Japan used for tea ceremony. It has this wonderful colour I'm always seeking to recreate. My moku hanga teacher in Japan actually used macha tea powder to make ink for printing so that it would be authentic in colour: tea ink!

The Melbourne Design Market was on today and it was jam packed with people and had a great vibe. The Bamakko stall looked amazing! A huge thank you to Ben from Bamakko and also Lara (lara cameron design) and Tim (tu wit tu woo) who staffed the stall all day in that crowd.


  1. Beautiful design! I love that shade of green, too.

  2. It's looking lovely - that colour is beautiful!

  3. you have successfully combined my two favorite topics into one post!
    printmaking and tea!
    and once again demonstrated how well they merge.

    your design looks beautiful

  4. aaawwww thanks! :)
    sorry for the crappy night time photos of the design. the winter light is so bad in melbourne at the moment that it's hard to take decent photos.

  5. we love that matcha green, top work!

  6. i also love that shade of green! its beautiful

  7. Hi! Catching up on a few of your posts, I haven't been around for a while...

    Love this green! And that is so cool, the idea of an ink actually made from matcha!

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