Saturday, 23 August 2008

khadi papers

I love the way going into an art supply shop can bring about disappointment and surprise all at the same time. Disappointment because I was really hoping their pieces of shina plywood would be large and 6mm thick. But no, they were tiny and 4mm thick :( Fussy me. It's so hard getting shina ply for woodblock printing in Australia. I have a few leads though so will see where they take me. The pleasant surprise was finding gorgeous paper from the Khadi Papers range, 100% recycled handmade from Indian cotton rag. What I love about this company is the way they treat the environment so carefully through their process of making paper. And they produce lovely rough textured pieces with irregular deckled edges. Yum! And because I can't stop handling the paper, I've started a little pen and ink drawing of a fragile dragonfly on a small piece.


  1. Bummer about the wood, but great news about the paper. I just love those dragonfly wings.

  2. died and gone to heaven!
    Khadi papers website - i'm melting over my laptop looking at it.

    kylie, yet again, great link to a superb product.
    I am buying.
    Adore this textured, handmade paper.

    yum yum yum.

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