Friday, 8 August 2008

the fine differences between puff and short crust

I've decided there's a good reason why I'm a printmaker and not, say, a pastry chef. And there's also probably a lot of sense in why I usually stick to cooking one pot curries and soups and don't deviate into the complications and drama of the pastry world. But last night I did, and oooooh how bad it was! I was aiming for Moroccan pasties using a Delicious Mag recipe in the effort to, you know, branch out, build up the cooking repertoire a little. Crazy, I know, but hey it's winter here and we have a need to expand on the indoor activity list. And in my head playing with pastry didn't seem that far off from from printmaking. Both involve hands and flat-ish surfaces. It does help, of course, if you read the pastry pack to see that you're using short crust pie pastry and not, as I was supposed to be, good ol' puff pastry. Misery and tantrums poured forth. M saved the day by ordering me out of the kitchen with a glass of wine while she fixed the mess. She slowly scraped all the lovely organic lamb cooked in spices out of the short crust and into neatly wrapped (how does she do that?) puff pastry parcels. And they were damn good! But I swear I'm not going into pastry land again. Ever.

And the wee print above? Tis a new giclee print from me. You'll be happy to know I'm sticking to paper from now on...


  1. hehe damn that shortcrust pastry... Vida and I once decided we'd make some palmiers but we only had shortcrust pastry... didn't work at all :(

    nice print too!

  2. You're so lucky there's a patient cook in the house. My partner tells me I get very upset when people suggest they don't like my dinners. Well, der.

  3. Well thanks for your sympathy guys :)
    The PS. on the dinner effort is I saved some short crust (not the bits with lamb on them) and made some dessert-y looking things with jam in them. M was polite but she did say they tasted like toast. Oh, and I overcooked them as well :(

  4. have been meaning to say how much i love the little gal stomping about in her gumboots...noticed the 3 in a row a while back in your shop, very gorgeous, and this one too with the tree. has a lovely vintage, whimsical aesthetic.

  5. I'm proud of you for even trying! I love how you were sent out of the kitchen, that happens in our house as well :)