Thursday, 28 August 2008

quirky and happy things

I'm so excited about this new pendant style light shade we bought on the weekend. It's soooo lovely! Those crisply printed organic shapes on the the fabric are just so delicate to look at when it's lit up. So here is a pic of where we put it in the house and a close up so you can see a bit more of what I'm raving about.

A big belated thank you to Danielle from Of Paper and Thread for passing on the Tree of Happiness award to me. To accept the award I have to list 6 things that make me happy. So here goes:

1. Saturdays
2. Sunshine on my skin in winter
3. Porridge cooked with fresh dates and served with cream
4. Lazy walks in the bush
5. Drinking tea on a quiet afternoon
6. Having time to doodle in my sketch books

And the lovely Lisa from a little birdy told me tagged me and I have to list 6 unspectacular quirks of mine here. I like reading these things about other people so here is my effort to write something:

1. People tell me I'm super organised. I think that makes me sound a bit nerdy but I suppose that's ok. eg. I sent my dad a father's day card yesterday thinking that this Sunday is Father's Day but found out it's the following week. When I told my sister what I'd done she sent me a text saying: 'yep, that's cos you're so organised'.

2. I'm also told that I'm a very calm person by people I work with. But people who know me better can see that's not always the case....

3. I like plants and have quite a green thumb when I make an effort. But whenever I've tried to grow maidenhair ferns I've killed every single one of them. Which is a shame really because I love them.

4. I don't drink coffee and never have. For me that's not quirky, but to the coffee drinking masses of the world I'm a freak.

5. I got my very first mobile phone only 12 months ago.

6. I managed to live in a very tiny space (3 metres x 2 metres) without a bathroom in Kyoto for 7 years. It taught me a lot about what you really need (in terms of stuff) to live. Not much as it turns out.


  1. oh thanks for sharing - i like reading these mini-lists too.

    lordy! i am impressed, that IS a tiny space - 7 years??!! i dread to think what it would look like if i lived there. cool and calm on the surface, but opening any cupboard would be taking your life in your hands.

  2. cream in date muesli! it makes perfect sense but i've never thought to add cream... i know what i'm doing for brekkie tomorrow :D

  3. me, too. never been a coffee drinker. and people think i'm strange because of that. strange. kyoto. what a great city to live in. and i totally understand little places. totally.

  4. I get the 'calm' comment too, and I know I'm anything but calm.
    Dates and cream - good idea!

  5. Lovely light shade in a lovely room. Interesting to hear your quirks too especially the one about the porridge - must try that one!

  6. i agree about the maidenhair ferns. my grandma always had them and if i ever took a little in a pot in would die off sprig by sprig after a few months. truly sad...

  7. i hope you dont mind being tagged. thanks for playing along.

    "4. I don't drink coffee and never have. For me that's not quirky, but to the coffee drinking masses of the world I'm a freak."

    i also drink coffee - but i do drink tea.